How to Get Your First Business Credit Card

People who have a good credit history to back them up will have no trouble in applying for a business credit card, and getting an approval in just a matter of seconds. But for those who have less than perfect credit rating, they could encounter some difficulties along the way.

For those who are just starting up a small business, their credit rating would be based on their personal credit cards. Hence, if they happen to have an unpaid bills in their credit report, it could make it difficult for them to obtain a business credit card. Not having any credit history to back you up is also just as bad as having bad credit rating. Business credit cards are generally unsecured, and call for a good credit record as a primary requirement for their clients.

What to do if you have little or no credit

Apply for a shopping or gas card from a reputable company that reports to the credit bureaus. These cards work just like a credit card wherein you can purchase items form their stores only, and pay it back over a certain period. Approvals for these types of cards are usually easier than any of the Visa or Master card offers. Once you have your shopping card or a gas station card, use it well and be sure to pay for your credit on time. You must be able to prove that you are a good payer. You will need to wait a for at least 6 months so that future creditors can see that you have established credit and are paying on it on a timely manner.

Debit cards with the Visa or Master card Logo on them, that also report to at least one of the major credit bureaus are an excellent way to start building your credit record. Your spending is only limited to the amount of money in your bank account. If you already have had past trouble with bad credit, debit cards are good for helping you to control your spending. Keep in mind that you’re goal is to pay on time. After a while, if everything has been paid well from your account your debit history can be as good as your credit record.

Then again, you may also apply for one of the specialty unsecured credit cards. These cards specialize in helping people with bad credit re-establish credit. These types of credit cards are more lenient in approving their customers, even if they have no credit record or have a bad credit history. This is a good start to re-establish a good credit record for yourself.

Most banks offering credit cards for small businesses would insist on an agreement stating that your guarantor is accountable for the debt you owe, regardless of whether your guarantor has part ownership of your business or not. If you’re going to put a person as your guarantor, make sure that he is aware of duties and that in any case, he accepts his obligation.

Business credit cards are indeed advantageous for big business and small businesses alike. If it is your first time getting a business credit card, remember to do your research

Bear in mind these three major reasons and you shouldn’t go wrong with using business credit cards. By using them wisely, you will be able to build up a good credit reputation for your business. This business credit will be an enormous advantage when the time comes that your business needs enhancement or expansion.

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